tcf0157 – Blaze vs Razor Red

Razor Red is just having a quiet stretch on the mats. She’s not really in the mood to have another wrestling match at the moment. Unfortunately for her, Blaze is. Though it’s actually more of a session of domination that Blaze has in mind. And Razor Red is the ideal candidate – or “toy” – for that. “Get off me, bitch!” Razor Red protests. Being referred to in that manner certainly does not impress Blaze. And by the time she’s finished with her “toy”, “Mistress”, “Queen”, “Domina” or even “Goddess” are titles Blaze considers as far more appropriate. Razor Red isn’t disagreeing with that by then either. Especially after she’s spent too much time trapped in another of Blaze’s headscissors.
16 minutes

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