tcf0091 – Kicking British Ass

kickingbritishass(13) (Copy)

Carissa feels it’s about time someone else was dominated for a change. Unfortunately for Holly, Carissa has decided she’s going to be the one. And it’s not long before Holly finds herself underneath her even bustier American opponent. It’s where she has to spend a great deal of time too, being smothered under those boobs – and “ass”. She’s also stretched, squeezed and taunted as Carissa thoroughly enjoys working her over. The torment for Holly does eventually end, Carissa finally finishing her off with yet another facesit. Before celebrating her victory. However, Carissa then decides it’s also about time someone else was hogtied for a change. And as Holly comes round, she discovers that’s exactly what’s now happening to her. That final humiliation for Holly completed, a very happy Carissa then announces just how much she has enjoyed “kicking British ass.”

18 minutes

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