tcf0087 – Office Tactics

officetactics (Copy)

A really bad day at the office for poor Axa! Summoned by her bosses at TopCatz Industries, Holly and Leona, she is confronted about her tactics in trying to gain a promotion at the company. Constantly flirting with the management has not gone down well (after all, that’s Holly and Leona’s job). But these women didn’t get to where they are today without knowing how to put a subordinate firmly in her place. Indeed they have their own tactics for dealing with Axa. If she wants to keep her job she’s going to have to get on the mats and show them she’s the sort of strong woman who does deserve to get on in the company. Reluctantly Axa agrees and before she knows it she finds herself in a real battle. She does her best but this was never going to be a fair fight, both Leona and Holly gleefully taking turns at having a piece of the girl. Unsurprisingly a struggling and squirming Axa is gradually worn down. Then her two busty bosses really get to work on her …..

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