tcf0060 – Venus vs Axa

axavenus(10) (Copy)

Those who have seen tcf0016 Workout will have noted Axa’s enjoyment and wicked smiles when she and Shay double-teamed hapless Venus. Well, this fight is why she had revenge on her mind on that occasion. Filmed earlier than that encounter in the ring, this match on mats proved to be an experience Axa would prefer to forget. Venus may be a more mature woman, but she’s super-fit and loves to show younger opponents who’s boss in a fight. Although Axa seems to start well, it’s not long before Venus takes control. And from then on the blonde bombshell is simply taken apart and thoroughly dominated. She suffers in numerous grapevines, breast smothering body presses, as well as lots of breath-taking face-sitting. There’s plenty of trash talk too as Venus lets her know just what she thinks of her young opponent. The end can’t come soon enough for Axa. But when it does, it ends in utter humiliation … No wonder Axa had an Axe to grind after this!

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