tcf0055 – “Mouthing Off”

mouthingoff1 (Copy)

Scarlett just can’t help herself! Having had two beatings earlier in the day from both Lina and Araneae, she’s been claiming she only lost because she was paid to let them win. In fact, she doesn’t think Lina’s a very good wrestler?! Now, we’ve always thought Scarlett to be vocal, feisty and brave. But now we have no choice but to add deluded to that list. Needless to say, Lina isn’t happy with Scarlett’s claims and resolves to put her firmly in her place. With Araneae joining in too, what follows can only be described as the most dominating 2 on 1 match seen at TopCatz.  For much of the time poor Scarlett simply disappears under her two tormentors as they take great pleasure in making her squeal and squirm. And she’s forced to do an awful lot of squirming too,the punishment continuing until Lina and Araneae decide they’ve had enough fun with her. Then it’s time for Scarlett to take a nap. She really does only have herself to blame for this one 🙂

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