tcf0023 – Scarlett vs Araneae

scarlaraneaa(54) (Copy)

We would like to make it clear that this really isn’t our fault. It’s just proved impossible to find Scarlett an opponent of the same size. And we have tried, honest! Here she faces tall, athletic Araneae, who – we have to admit – did relish the opportunity to take on a particularly diminutive opponent. “You can’t escape, you’re too small”, she smiles wickedly down at her at one stage. “I’m not too small!”, Scarlett fires back up at her with her usual defiance. Unfortunately though, she simply is, and yet again has to suffer another methodical beating. She holds on for as long as she can of course, but Araneae is very much in charge. And when she decides it’s time to end it, it’s lights out for our brave Scarlett.

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