tcf0017 – Sarah vs Salome Sin

sarahsalome(13) (Copy)

Intimidated. That’s the word to sum this one up. It’s clear Salome is intimidated by Sarah right from the start. And we don’t blame her – Sarah is an imposing and naturally dominant woman. Frankly, there really is no competition here for Sarah. Indeed, we got the impression Salome was scared of making Sarah too angry and her efforts certainly reflect this. The younger woman is obviously resigned to both domination and defeat. And this being TopCatz, that’s of course exactly what she gets! Salome simply becomes Sarah’s “toy” as she’s easily thrown and pushed around the mat. It’s really all too easy for Sarah and she toys with Salome throughout, while letting her know just how unimpressed she is with her opponent. In fact, she’s so unimpressed that at the conclusion she drags her over to the sofa. Before dishing out a final dose of humiliation and pain….

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